Jays From Home

#20 – So Long Rowdy

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, Matt interviews Davide Disipio, Media Manager and Broadcaster for the Ottawa Titans. They chat about the Little League World Series, the Frontier League and Ottawa’s baseball history & future. Plus, Matt also talks about Rowdy Tellez and anticipates Shohei Ohtani’s All Star Game dominance.

#19 – Solo Shot

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, Matt’s co-host is… himself! He talks about the trade deadline, YouTube broadcast, the disappointing Dodgers, reaching the halfway mark of the season and invents a New Metric (TAR).

Episode Links:

Power Ball: Anatomy of a Modern Baseball Game by Rob Neyer

A Day in the Bleachers by Arnold Hano

Matt’s Album

#18 – No Foreign Substances Found Here

Episode Notes

Matt and Steve were both inspected and found to have no foreign substances on their body while recording this podcast. In this week's episode, discussions about the Blue Jays' great week (which included a sweep of Miami and series victory over Baltimore), the prospect of Olympic baseball, scorekeeping (again), and the contentious All-Star Game uniforms released last week. And a small note about cryptocurrency, which we don't understand.

Also, if you want to check out Matt's new album Sense of Self, you can do so by clicking on the link below:

#17 – Andrew Forbes, Author of The Only Way is the Steady Way

Episode Notes

In this week's episode, Matt & Steve are joined by another special guest! Andrew Forbes, author of The Only Way is the Steady Way: Baseball, Ichiro, and How We Watch the Game. Also discussed was a poor week for the Blue Jays (which included 5 straight losses), Vlad's All-Star votes, digital scorekeeping, negative Internet reactions, and how maybe not watching the games has been a good thing this week.

But because we recorded on Saturday, we missed the great come-back win on Saturday (10-7) and the Father's Day Victory on Sunday (7-4).

Books by Andrew Forbes

Other books mentioned this week:

#16 – Scott Crawford - Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Episode Notes

Steve is back, and Scott Crawford, Director of Operations for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame joins us to talk about the Hall of Fame (located in St. Mary's, Ontario) and gives his Home Run / Walk / Strikeout for Blue Jays baseball.

Matt & Steve also recount what was a great weekend for the Blue Jays but maybe not a great week overall. Plus, the final (really) Brita Filter update.

#15 – Foreign Substances

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, Steve’s still away, so we’re joined by their older brother Glen in the co-host chair. We talk about stadium experiences, foreign substances, Pride Month in baseball, biking, silent lawnmowers and finally, did Glen kill the Brita Filter Update?

#14 – Seven Inning Stretch

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, Matt’s wife Krista is back to talk about Alek Manoah’s debut, rainouts, almost a week’s worth of 7 inning games, an aggressive shirt removal injury, gazebos, gardening, fireworks, postpartum depression and as always, the Brita Filter Update.

#13 – Notes From Matt's Wife

Episode Notes

On today’s episode, we’re joined by a special guest host: Matt’s wife Krista! We talk about the Blue Jays losing streak, teeball, punctuality, therapy dogs, beer and we get serious about dislexia or is it dyslexia…?

#12 – Series Wins and Camo Caps

Series Wins and Camo Caps

Wide ranging discussions in this episode, from Vlad's untucked jersey, to Jim Carey movies, probability of the Blue Jays playing in Toronto in 2022, and a discussion about current caps for the teams. And also, what about the news of Oakland maybe relocating? How about the Vancouver A's? All that and much more...

#11 – Brewers From Home

Brewers From Home

With the Blue Jays playing on the west coast, we did not watch many games for the Jays this week. So, we covered the Brewers (our "B" team) instead! At least that was the idea, we still got a lot of Jays talk in this week.